Doug Sarbon Audio Website Design Client Area Contact Info
Dynamic Internet Solutions

North Georgia College 1983 - 1987.

Computer Science Excelled in programming and theory.

Languages include:




United States Marine Corps 1985 - 1989.

Cobol Programmer Worked on various projects related to logistics and personnel management.
Self Taught Beginning 1996.

Perl Programming Applied knowledge of computer science to learn Perl (an open ended programming language commonly used to automate web sites and manage database records).
Experience Launched 2003.

Features Resume, Scheduler and Invoicing.
In Addition to the site you see, this site has an in depth Client Access Area.
I use this site to schedule and track my audio and web design work. Clients have access to my schedulee and can see / request dates. (I am notified via my cell phone when a date is requested)
Upon completion of the project, This site will create and send (Email / Fax / Mail) an invoice to the client.
Clients have access to see open and paid invoices from the site. Launched 2003.

Features Local weather, news, driving directions and multiple searches from one convenient, fast loading customizable page.
This site allows users to search Google and Yahoo web searches. Users can also find items on E-Bay, look up words on, find computer info on Tech-TV, get driving directions, find on-line merchandise on, find sound effects on, do a yahoo people search, see tour schedules for their favorite artists, find info about an artist / group on (Ultimate Band List) and find Perl modules and information on CPAN (an open source community of programmers).
Additionally, Doougle is user customizable. Users enter their zip code (click "Preferences"). This will set a cookie on your browser that will set the Weather link and Driving Directions to your local. Launched 1997.

Features On-line Store for Globalcaps.
This site is entirely produced by Perl programs. The customer can browse and order from the numerous categories of caps offered by globalcaps.
The people at Globalcaps have access to Add / Edit / Delete items and categories offered on the site from a secure area of the site.